Experience Design
& Product Strategy

Our team of creative problem solvers have the breadth and depth of experience to help you reimagine solutions that are build using experience design. Our talented team of designers, analytics and marketing experts also have the skills to help you transform your business and visual identity by incorporating design, branding, web development, and paid and organic search capabilities.

Experience Design & Product Strategy

Experience Design

Grounding our thinking with customer focus, we design solutions for crucial business problems using experience design.

The Process

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1. Research

Initial research to uncover true pain points, challenges, current landscape and ideate using primary and secondary research with qualitative and quantitative data.

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2. Product Strategy & Service Design

Considering key customer personas, customer journey and aligning with goals, we come up with product strategy that is structured to deliver highest possible value.

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3. Interaction and
Visual Design

Creating intuitive, frictionless and user-friendly interaction design combined with elegant visual design to drive the functionality and usability of product or service.

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4. Product & Web Development

Building elegant and highly functional digital products that work seamlessly across devices.

Digital Marketing

Being competitive in today’s landscape requires staying ahead in the digital marketing space by creating a compelling brand for your business, building brand awareness and impactful digital content that builds credibility and trustworthiness. We believe in the power of smart and creative marketing campaigns based on seamless customer journeys. Our vision for long-term results and team of digital experts means we are able to deliver on all your digital marketing objectives.

Lead Funnel Creation & Optimization

Lead Funnel Creation

Helping you guide prospects down a path to maximize conversions and optimizing that funnel to improve ROI are key to your success.


Content Marketing

Well articulated and meaningful content that establishes your brand as a thought leader and key player in the market while engaging potential and current customers as well as employees.

SEO, Paid & Organic Search Capabilities

Search Capabilities

Knowing how to make your company‘s online presence more SEO-friendly, increase visibility, and reach more customers, our strategies at FIQ can help.

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