How Warehouse Anywhere reduced its onboarding time by 83% with FIQ tech

How Warehouse Anywhere reduced its onboarding time by 83% with FIQ tech

Warehouse Anywhere, a pioneering logistics company, develops distribution centers in urban environments that use predictive analytics to enable enterprise businesses to keep up with consumer demand for ever-faster fulfillment.

The Challenge 

As Warehouse Anywhere’s legacy time was archaic, onboarding a single customer took nearly 6 months which was causing road blocks in the company’s growth. 

The Goal 

To accelerate the company’s growth, Warehouse Anywhere needed to reduce friction during the onboarding process by overhauling its legacy system 

The Solution 

Here’s how we helped Warehouse Anywhere achieve its goal:  

  • Performed due diligence to uncover all the underlying issues that were causing bottlenecks
  • Introduced agile development to the business, helping them overhaul their legacy tech systems and develop a far more flexible, modern logistics architecture.
  • Helped them design a phased development approach that would make the best possible use of their limited resources

The Impact

83% reduction in onboarding time

Powerful digital systems built for exponential growth

With our tech expertise, we were able to help Warehouse Anywhere build agile systems designed with limited resources to accelerate robust growth. 

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