Here’s what PPX Check can do for you

Get Post Purchase Experience (PPX) from the perspective of your end customers and supply chain experts.

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    Get actionable insights on 10 key factors
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    Valuable insights on transportation performance
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    Packaging analysis and feedback
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    Post order communication documentation and feedback
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    Drive awareness to opportunities that increase LTV
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    Insight on how you rank against your top competitor(s)
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    Unboxing to return experience journey demystified..

How Does PPX Check work?

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Get actionable insights from your PPX

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Who is PPX Check for?

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E-commerce Brands


A great customer experience can drive revenue, keep folks loyal, help your business stand out, and all that jazz. But the reality is that today—right now—people simply expect it. Gain powerful insights to track how your performing along with supply chain expertise to drive improvements.

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The online vs offline battle is real! As a retailer you’ve won the attention of your customers will a great in-person experience, is your online experience the same? Learn how your delivering offline to capitalize on the advantages you have in the omni-channel word!

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Imagine hosting your next customer QBR will an unbiased audit that reports out on the customer experience you deliver. Bring additional value and strengthen your strategic relationships with clients by offering a Fulfillment Check analysis and PPX scorecard. Not only for your client but your clients top competitor. Talk about customer retention, this is a homerun!

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VC/PE firms


Whether your performing due diligence for a potential investment or want to check on how brands in your portfolio are performing - Fulfillment Check will provide great insights! Gain customer experience feedback and supply chain expertise to increase revenue and reduce cost. Protect your investment dollars with routine Fulfillment Check’s today!

PPX Packages

Monthly PPX Checks

Quarterly PPX Checks

Ad-hoc PPX Check

Competitor PPX Checks

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Simply complete the short form and your first Fulfillment Check is on us!
Yes and we encourage auditing competitors to learn what others in your space are doing and how they are performing.
Yes, the first PPX is always free. Try it out. If you see value in getting monthly, quarterly checks and competitor checks those can be added on from that point.
Nope, if you are on a monthly subscription, you may cancel anytime. No contracts what-so-ever.
Pay-As-You-Go is suitable for those who only need a few credits at a time and want to purchase them when they need them. These credits do not automatically renew. Monthly recurring subscription is suitable for those who have a more predictable volume of content that they want to write and have the credits automatically renew each month.
Successful online companies use the fulfillment process to deliver a branded experience that increases the value of the only physical touch they have with their customers. Until now the only way to gauge how the process is working occurs with either online or social media positive or negative feedback. Utilize Fulfillment Check to gain powerful insights to how your customers experience your brand and a feedback loop on your supply chain performance.

Ready to rock your customers’ world with an outstanding PPX?

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