Momentum 2024: Highlights and Key Takeaways

Momentum 2024
Momentum 2024: Highlights and Key Takeaways


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Manhattan Momentum 2024 was filled with engaging conversations and insightful sessions showcasing the latest advancements in supply chain technology and innovation. The event brought together industry leaders to share their visions for the future, with a strong focus on the transformative power of Gen-AI (Generative Artificial Intelligence). 

At Momentum, our booth was a hub of activity, attracting numerous attendees interested in learning more about our tailored strategies and proven expertise in Manhattan implementations.    

One of the most significant moments at Momentum 2024 was the launch of two innovative solutions by Manhattan Associates

  • Manhattan Active Supply Chain Planning: This solution is designed to unify supply chain execution and omnichannel commerce on a common platform, enhancing efficiency and integration across operations. 
  • Manhattan Active Maven: This generative AI solution aims to revolutionize customer service with an AI-driven chatbot that offers native access to orders, payments, store locations, and product availability, providing contextual and accurate responses. 

We organized a Grand Bourbon Raffle where 13 lucky winners took home a premium, handpicked bourbon bottle.  

Our Happy Hour events provided the perfect opportunity to relax, network, and discuss the day’s insights in a more casual setting.  

The keynote sessions and panel discussions were insightful and highlighted important industry updates such as: 

1. Adapting to Real-Time Customer Demands

  • Real-Time Expectations: Modern consumers, especially those of the “Blue Dot” generation, demand real-time information about product availability and delivery status. Retailers need to integrate advanced technologies to meet these expectations. 
  • Investment in Technology: To stay competitive, retailers must invest in comprehensive, real-time solutions that cover order management, inventory tracking, distribution, CRM, and last-mile delivery. This transformation is essential to align with consumer expectations and enhance overall customer satisfaction.  

2. The Growing Role of AI in Retail 

  • Pervasive AI: AI is becoming integral to retail operations, enhancing processes from customer service and forecasting to merchandising and order management. The continuous evolution of AI, particularly generative AI, is set to further embed these technologies into retail practices. 
  • Practical Applications: Retailers are leveraging AI to streamline operations. For example, generative AI can provide instant transaction histories, improving customer service efficiency and accuracy. 

3. The Reality of Omnichannel Fulfillment

  • Pre-Pandemic Trends: The shift towards omnichannel fulfillment, including BOPIS and curbside pickup, was already underway before the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by consumer demand for convenience. 
  • Acceleration and Normalization: The pandemic accelerated the adoption of these services, cementing them as standard practices in the retail industry. Consumers now expect seamless integration of digital and physical shopping experiences. 

 4. Generative AI’s Transformative Impact 

  • Advanced Capabilities: Generative AI models are becoming increasingly sophisticated, handling vast amounts of data to provide contextually relevant content and solutions. This advancement opens new possibilities in supply chain management, marketing, and customer service. 
  • Cost Reduction: The cost of implementing AI solutions has significantly decreased, making it more feasible for companies to adopt and integrate these technologies into their operations, leading to greater efficiency and innovation.

5. Unified Supply Chain Business Platforms (USCBPs) 

  • Breaking Down Silos: USCBPs integrate data across all supply chain functions, providing real-time visibility and enabling quick responses to changes in demand. This integration fosters better decision-making and operational efficiency. 
  • Enhanced Performance: By unifying data and promoting collaboration, businesses can achieve higher performance levels, including improved operating margins and inventory turns, leading to a competitive advantage. 

6. Ethical and Responsible AI Usage 

  • AI Governance: As AI technologies become more prevalent, it is crucial to establish ethical guidelines and safeguards to prevent misuse, such as AI “hallucinations” or the creation of misleading content. 
  • Balancing Innovation and Trust: Companies must balance rapid technological advancements with maintaining customer trust and ethical standards, ensuring that AI is used responsibly and transparently. 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello. The conversations and interactions we had were invaluable, and we are already looking forward to Momentum 2025.  

See You Next Year! 

Momentum 2024: Highlights and Key Takeaways


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