Manhattan Active
Readiness Audit

As a gold partner of Manhattan, Fulfillment IQ is proud to offer the Manhattan Active Readiness Audit. Our experienced consultants will guide your business through the transition to Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions, ensuring you maximize your return on investment and optimize your supply chain performance.

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The Problem

Make Your Manhattan
Active Transition Easier

Implementing Manhattan Active can be a complex process, and

companies often face several key challenges during the transition

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Ensuring accurate data migration from previous systems

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Adapting and optimizing existing processes

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Seamlessly integrating Manhattan Active with existing hardware and software

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Building custom enhancements is difficult

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Training employees and promoting smooth adoption

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Managing system performance to deliver high return on investment


Achieve A Flawless Transition With
Manhattan Active Readiness Audit

Our comprehensive audit covers all aspects of your transition for seamless

integration. Here’s what you’ll get:

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Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Current Supply Chain Systems

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Gap Analysis and Bridge Plan to Fully Utilize Manhattan Active Benefits

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Process Review and Optimization for Seamless Integration

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Technology Integration Assessment and Recommendations

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Workforce Readiness Evaluation and Training Plan

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ROI Analysis to Maximize Your Investment

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Cost of Implementation Estimation and Budget Planning

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Strategic Outlook for Long-Term Growth Opportunities

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Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

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Operational KPI and Dashboard Assessment with Manhattan Active

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On-Prem WMS Servers Decommission Recommendations

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Implementation Roadmap for a Smooth Transition


Leverage Our Gold Partnership & Expertise

As a gold partner of Manhattan, our team of experienced consultants has a deep

understanding of Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions. We are committed to helping

your business achieve supply chain success by providing expert guidance, strategic

planning, and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

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warehouse tech projects implemented

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capital automation enabled

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